Black Note

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A line of tobacco e-liquid that actually tastes like tobacco. Black Note takes up to 3 years to make, and only 3 seconds to love. Black Note have taken the liberty of providing you with a range of authentic tobacco liquids that have been flavoured using real tobacco extracts. The guys at Black Note really take the time and pride and put it into every bottle, making Black Note liquid some of the most gorgeous e-liquid you can vape today. Burley, cavendish, virginia, and a rare Latakian tobacco not only makes Black Note more authentic, but the reality of the flavours in each drag pours through every time. Black Note know how to make a fine line-up. Their flavours are so good, Black Note have been awarded raving reviews!

We also have the cheapest Black Note in the country! New flavours, same ingredients, no nasties, cheaper price. More authentic flavours that will hit you with that golden Black Note puff time and time again.

Black Note.
Available in 30ml bottles.

50VG / 50PG

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